BxC generates data cubes of turbulent magnetic fields, that are realistic both from a visual and statistical point of view. One of the main advantages of BxC lies in the many degrees of freedom users have in order to customize the generated fields. For more details about the implemented features, see the published paper

Here are some examples of user-controlled features that BxC-generated turbulent fields can have:

Hierarchically structured magnetic eddies and current sheets
Fully customizable and controllable power spectrum
Intermittency Multifractality
Intermittency exp
Anisotropy Background topologies
Intermittency ps

Validation against DNS

The fields generated by BxC have been compared and validated against results from a DNS simulation. Here are some of the results in terms of statistical properties of the fields. For the full comparative analysis, we refer the readers to the published paper.

Power spectra
PDF of increments
Structure functions